Participant submission: C. Amalia Charikiopoulou

The first time I came across with the remaining of this architectural construction I became amazed by its beauty.  Three walls are all that have survived from it.  By looking at what has remained we can imagine the concreteness and heaviness of the architectural construction, and even I can decypher how it had served as a church.

Nowadays one is confronted with a ‘dramatic transparency’, which bestows its existence to the openness and sometimes to a possible sense of lightness of the remaining walls.  Yet, a constant interplay among noticing what has lasted after the destruction and what has ‘perished’ contributes to that, too. While a roof and a vault used to bridge men to God, now the vastness of the sky.

The walls stand still against the wind,
there by the cliff…
Men lay beneath, having to say their myth.


Photos by C. Amalia Charikiopoulou

Transparency ‘Panagia’ Church
Cunda Island Turkey
‘Transparency’ has come to replace religion. God has been revealed.

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