Meanwhile in Ayvalik

Apparently one of us is (or at least will be) famous

In Ayvalık anything could happen. Some of us were just taking a slow afternoon stroll, walking the streets checking some small book shops, watching the buildings, having coffee and eating baklava when suddenly a group of hysterically photographing people with fancy cameras (probably participants of some kind of photo course) gathered around Holly. She became the star of the day posing, smiling, jumping from some stairs directed by the whole group where everyone boldly gave their advices.

Suddenly one of us visitors became the exotic thing while we were exploring this city so far from our normal lives.

Quite soon the crowd also grew with some kids checking out all the cameras and stray cats sneaking around our legs. We from EEA were just simply amazed by the weird situation, suddenly created at a small street of Ayvalık.

Video by Carolina Sandell

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