Participant submission: Bregje Sliepenbeek

More than words

When strolling around in the town of Ayvalik I came across a little bookshop.

The owner of the shop raised the volume of his stereo when I walked by and the tunes of Cat Stevens invited me in.

In between “Ancient Turkish Casting Techniques”,  “The History of Turkish Fishingboats” and “ Listed Flowers of the Turkish Highlands” I found a book written by Kaderden Kacilmaz, a writer that achieved some spectacular success in the ’70s.

Since his books are rather hard to lay your hands on I was happily surprised to find a copy in this dusty old bookshop. The book titled “ Cep FOTOROMAN no 44” is known as one of his greater works which contains some groundbreaking philosophy.

You can imagine how thrilled I was. The shop owner not being aware of what treasure I had in hands sold me the book for nothing more then 2 Turkish Lira.

What a blast.

Being the new owner of this book feels great but since I don’t speak or read the Turkish language that well I haven’t been able to read the words of Kaderden Kacilmaz’s genius mind.

Well I guess his books are more than words.


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