We have arrived

Spring 2012. The west coast of Turkey, somewhere north of Izmir, south of Istanbul. When the weather allows us, we have a view on the island of Lesbos. We’re talking about Cunda Island (pronounced as Junda).

Upcoming month this will be the setting where 15 young artists from all over the world will come together to reflect on their practice, to be inspired for their future in an environment that allows total focus.

We, the core team of advisors, have arrived a couple of days ago and have put our energy into preparing the hotel and the various locations we can use during our stay.

Left to right: Harry Heyink, Özkan Kipici, Cigdem Erciyes, Tobias Karlsson, Maarten Rots. Photo by an unknown yet friendly Turkish citizen.

Right here on this blog we will keep you updated about what is happening during the European Exchange Academy 2012.

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